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Primate Sanctuary experience - South Africa

  • Africa, South Africa, Letsitele
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  • Durée : 4 to 50 Weeks

Program Highlights

  • Get to expierence the day to day work involved to maintain and run an established primate sanctuary.
  • Work with a local team, sharing experiences and learning a bit about there culture and life at the foundation.
  • meet fellow volunteers from around the world, form new life long frienships, share your experience with like minded people.
  • Enjoy unbelievable vegan meals making a diffrence not only for the life of the animals, the environment but to you as well.
  • vist the local tourist attraction, the Verbet Monkey Foundation is only and hour away from the famous Kruger national Park.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

Climate Action Life on Land

This program is ideal for

Volunteers who love monkeys and wish to make a difference in the world by caring for, feeding, and rescuing them. If you simply have a fondness and kindness for monkeys and a passion for conservation, this program is perfect for you. As your tasks will vary based on various factors, you should be open to helping out in any kind of activity that is prioritised while you’re there.

Join us in South Africa for a primate sanctuary experience like no other. Help care for over 500 monkeys, including orphans, and gain hands-on experience with their rehabilitation. Explore the stunning surroundings near Kruger National Park during your free time. No prior experience is required!

If you possess a deep passion for wildlife conservation and aspire to create a substantial impact, we extend an invitation for you to contemplate volunteering at our Primate Sanctuary in South Africa. Our primary goal is to provide nurturing care and rehabilitation to over 500 monkeys per year, including many orphans. This exceptional opportunity offers you the chance to have direct, hands-on interactions with these extraordinary creatures and actively participate in enhancing their welfare.

Primate Sanctuary Experience in South Africa

During your time at our sanctuary, you may find yourself involved in various aspects of primate care, such as hand-rearing orphans during baby season. Witness the heartwarming journey as they bond with their foster mothers and evolve into true monkeys. In addition to these rewarding interactions, you'll play a crucial role in our primate conservation efforts.

Your responsibilities as a volunteer may include:

  • General husbandry and care of the monkeys
  • Assisting with feeding and nutrition programs
  • Participating in the construction of new enclosures
  • Conducting behavioral observations
  • Maintaining the sanctuary's infrastructure

Longer-term volunteers have the opportunity to be part of the integration process, helping monkeys join social groups and learn more about their fascinating behavior. It's a highly rewarding experience that offers valuable insights into primate rehabilitation.

Comfortable Accommodations and Vegan Dining

During your stay, you'll sleep in cozy wooden cabins that provide a unique connection to nature. Our kitchen serves delicious vegan meals, ensuring a cruelty-free dining experience. You'll feel rejuvenated and nourished, ready for the day's activities.

Explore the Natural Wonders

Our sanctuary is conveniently located near the renowned Kruger National Park and other local attractions. In your free time, you can explore the breathtaking Blyde River Canyon, visit the Debengeni waterfalls, or unwind by the Great Letaba River. For those seeking tranquility, beautiful tea gardens are just a short drive away, offering a serene escape.

No Experience Necessary, Just a Passion for Conservation

Whether you have years of experience as a conservationist or you're just starting your journey, volunteering at our Primate Sanctuary doesn't require any previous experience. All we seek is your genuine passion for wildlife conservation and your eagerness to learn and contribute. We warmly welcome individuals aged 18 and older who are aligned with our mission of creating a positive influence on the lives of these exceptional creatures.

This endeavor is an excellent fit for those who have harbored a lifelong dream of working alongside monkeys. Be ready for hard work under the African sun and a deep dive into the world of the vervet monkey, an endangered, intelligent, and native primate of Africa. Your adventure with us is certain to be an unforgettable and transformative experience.

Join us in South Africa for an extraordinary primate sanctuary experience. Your dedication can help secure a brighter future for these remarkable creatures.

There are some beautiful waterfalls and rivers in the area that a great to spend time at, there are variouse sight seeing area aswell as a fantastic lodge just down the road with a spa and swimming pool, Kruger national park is only an hour away, the famouse Blyde river canyon and potholes with a gorge swing


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