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Empowerment for Women Program - Nigeria

  • Africa, Nigeria,
  • |
  • Duration : 2 to 24 Weeks

Program Highlights

  • Opportunity to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women in conflict areas of Nigeria
  • Empowerment through skill acquisition and economic independence
  • Workshops and mentorship to support women in building livelihoods
  • Collaboration with local organisations and community leaders
  • Advocacy for women's rights and equal opportunities
  • Experience cultural immersion while volunteering in Nigeria
  • Explore the diverse landscapes and vibrant communities of Nigeria
  • Engage with local traditions and customs firsthand
  • Gain insights into the challenges and resilience of Nigerian women
  • Expand your perspective through meaningful cross-cultural exchange

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

Good Health and Well-being Gender Equality Decent Work and Economic Growth

This program is ideal for

Passion for social justice, this program attracts volunteers committed to empowering vulnerable women in conflict zones. Those drawn to making a tangible impact, possessing empathy, resilience, and a desire to foster economic independence will find fulfilment in this initiative, enriching lives and fostering community resilience.

This activity is designed to empower vulnerable women ( such as widows and women who have experienced trauma) in conflict areas. This initiative also aims to improve the socio-economic status of women, provide equal opportunities for them, thus creating a sense of purpose.


[The best time to come would be between February - November. Yes, some activities are project specific such as the Youth Peace Camp and the Skill Acquisition and Economic Empowerment programme. However, with skill acquisition programmes volunteers can work with people who we have already trained who have established their businesses and are training others.]

While volunteering, the volunteers have a variety of options to enjoy their free time, ensuring a balanced mix of relaxation, exploration, and cultural immersion:

  • Hiking, Yoga
  • Visit the Zoo and Museum
  • Naraguta Leather Works (It is a little village that specialises in the production of leather products wholesale and retail).
  • Visit Peace Island Lake(for Boat and Horse Rides)
  • Feeding Animals at WildLife Game Reserve
  • Visit the Farmer’s Market
  • Visit Orphanages 
  • Visit the 10 Commandments Monuments (Tourist Attraction)
  • O-Zero, Tin city , and Net Cafes (Refreshment and Relaxation)

[ Please note that other activities can be suggested when we have more information about the volunteers such as age, religion, and hobbies. ]

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