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An Inside look at different types of volunteer work.

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An Inside look at different types of volunteer work

Volunteering is one of the best things we can do to help our communities. According to a statistic by United Nations Volunteers, there are reportedly 140 million volunteers globally. Every country has volunteers who work in a range of contexts. How does this affect you? It only takes a little to start making a difference in society. Wherever you go, there are many possibilities for you to perform community service.

Here are some benefits of volunteering

There are many benefits to taking advantage of your local volunteer opportunities, regardless of whether you are a full-time student at a campus-based university or pursuing your degree online while juggling employment and family responsibilities. You can enhance not just your own life but also the lives of others.

According to the study, volunteering provides many advantages for the volunteer. These advantages include a higher sense of productivity and the acquisition of new skills. This experience can help you construct your resume, greater physical health, and the emotional highs of having others recognize your hard work.

But in order for you, and the organization, to reap the greatest benefits, it’s important to find volunteer work that suits your skills and interests.

These are the five main categories into which the many volunteer activities can be divided:

  • Environmental \Animals
  • Social \Healthcare
  • recreation and sports

Environmental work

Volunteering in environmental conservation will appeal to people wanting to combine their love of nature and the outdoors with meaningful activity. Tasks such as reforestation, cleaning up beaches, nature trail construction and invasive species management are just some volunteer work examples.

Agricultural work

Working as a volunteer on a farm is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and gain useful life skills. Farms are constantly looking for trustworthy and physically fit volunteers to assist with duties including animal care, feeding, building and mending fences, harvesting, and picking and packing.

Climate change

There has never been a more crucial time to get involved with climate change efforts given the effects it is having on the earth, including melting glaciers, harsh weather, and the threat it poses to entire ecosystems.

By participating in a volunteer effort for climate change, you can alter things and do your part. This could involve joining environmental organisations as a volunteer or starting a local political organisation to promote real political change.

Animal Volunteer

Animal shelters are constantly asking for volunteers to assist with tasks like cage cleaning, feeding, walking dogs, playing with cats, and behavioural training. Virtual volunteer labour is possible for less physically demanding duties like fundraising, events, social media, bookkeeping, and IT. Animal lovers may also choose to consider fostering, training guiding dogs or adopting animals to care for in their own homes.

Wildlife conservation

It's critical to saving local wildlife and their natural habitats as development spreads. Participating in wildlife conservation initiatives could involve you counting penguins on Phillip Island, defending turtle eggs in Costa Rica from predators, or helping local groups rehabilitate elephants in Asia.

Social volunteer work

Both domestically and overseas, there are countless chances to work as a volunteer teacher. Since English is the most widely spoken language in the world, there is always a great need for volunteer English teachers.

It is the duty of volunteer teachers to conduct lessons, create lesson plans, assign homework, administer tests, grade student work, and make learning English enjoyable and interesting for both adults and children.


Whether you want to work with children, animals, or sporting events, there are countless different forms of volunteer work and possibilities available.

If you're prepared to get going, learn where to look for the greatest volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood. Implementing a volunteer management system is crucial to ensuring that both the volunteer and the organisation benefit from the experience given the variety of roles, skill levels, locations, and activities.

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